I work to create art that expresses deep human emotions, challenges, and solutions to those challenges by giving hope, and enriching and ennobling the human spirit.

I bring together physical objects made from many different media such as paint, wood, plastic, metal, glass, resin, stone, paper, etc., and digital objects which I find, purchase and create using technology and then print into the real world, to create beautiful sculptures of assemblage art.

My works are surreal sculptures made of physical objects from popular culture and everyday life brought together to engage people through visual metaphor and stories to provoke thought about the challenges and joys facing us in our human experience.

One might say that each of my sculptures is it’s own menagerie of objects brought together to make statements and tell stories to the viewer. I tie all of the objects together be become a cohesive work of visual art by finishing them with sophisticated layers of paint and metals that react and oxidize to form aged patina finishes, thus making my work have the appearance of aged metals and other such finishes. Occasionally I add color in the form of paint to my work to make different parts of the sculpture stand out in order to draw the eye and better emphasize the message in the sculpture.

My goal is to create work that is sophisticated and eye catching enough to engage even the most uninterested passer-by and enjoin them, if just for a few minutes, to engage with my work, thereby building an appreciation for and engagement with the arts that might not have otherwise existed.

I combine popular icons with everyday objects in surreal ways to create statements about life’s more difficult challenges, relationships and solutions, (or at least introspection to find solutions) for individuals, groups and society as a whole.

I’m currently a Utah based artist working in Assemblage Sculpture. I have been an artist in one form or another for my entire life, always looking for ways to create and express.

Now I am focused on building a career in visual art. My goal is to become an internationally known artist with works and shows inspiring people around the world.