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Javicci Art


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Media: Assemblage

Type: Wall Piece

Dimensions: 16 x 24 x 6

This sculpture is about journeying through life, and hiding who we really are behind a mask of what we think other people perceive us as in order to “keep up appearances”. It’s such a burden to carry, so the ship in this pieces is laden with so much “stuff” while the captain bares a mask. Forward momentum requires that we sometimes have to slough off some of the extra baggage and remove our mask to sail more freely and happily into the places where we can be truly happy. Pride is accepting who we are and not allowing what we think the people around us want us to be to effect who we really are inside.

Interestingly, this piece, "Pride", for me was not intended to be about LGBTQIA+ pride (though I do have pieces about that type of pride) this piece is about the more general word pride as used in the broader English language.