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Javicci Art

Peace On Earth Ornament (Pride version)

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Media: 3D Printed Digital Assemblage

Type: Ornament

Dimensions: 4.75 x 5 x 2

This ornament is based on my current body of Assemblage Art, and has lots of personal touches from the skewed doorway to the rhinocerous in the scene (a bit unconventional, but hey, that's me).

For the last 2 years i have worked on a major project with a friend doing Bronze Dragon Candlesticks which I sculpted digitally, printed, had molds made and then had cast in Bronze. So I thought it would be fitting to include the head of my dragon on the ship, as it was a labor of love for a good friend, and a fun learning experience.

I wanted a representation of the Holy Family as a real family would be, where Mary and Joseph are loving their newborn son, so I went with this version.

I created a version with the Pride flag because I have a rainbow family, which I love, and I believe that Christ is born for all of us, and we can all enjoy the love and sacrifice He made on our behalf. The price on the pride version is higher because each pride flag banner is hand painted in a labor of love onto the ornament individually, stripe by stripe.

I created the ornament digitally and print each one into existence in the real world in photosensitive resin. Then each one is lovingly hand painted and finished with reactive paints that actually oxidize, so that is real patina on each piece.

Since each piece is hand finished, each one is unique, no two exactly alike, which is rather wonderful really.

Each piece is made to order, so please realize that it will be a few weeks before you receive yours. I will do my best to have yours to you before Christmas, so obviously, the earlier you order the better.

The ornament size is: 4.75" tall by 5" wide and 2" deep.

The price includes shipping within the contiguous United States but does not include taxes.

Merry Christmas to all! and Peace on Earth to all people everywhere!