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Javicci Art

Stairway To Heaven

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Media: Assemblage

Type: Free Standing

Dimensions: 15” x 12” x 5”

I was so deeply effected emotionally by the shootings at Uvalde Texas, in fact by every school shooting. I have children and dread this happening to my kids' schools. What causes a person in today's society to want to shoot innocence in cold blood? Im not sure we have the answer.

I listened to Stairway to Heaven many times while making this piece, each of the children and 2 adults on this piece represent each of the students and teachers who lost their lives that day. The little white flowers all over the hair are Forget-Me-Nots meant to have the feeling of a cloud, the foundation for the spiral staircase that ascends to Heaven.

This is my visual statement on the Uvalde Texas Shootings in May of 2022, and the current questions of how we got here, and what can be done.